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28 May 2016

If you are thinking, what should I do if my Gmail account was hacked? Then the real idea to overcome with this situation is act fast with all the measures. The actively you will start taking correction measure, the lesser your account will get harmed. So, the first thing that you need to do is change account password.

How To Change Account Password

Not every time but most of the time, hacker do not change account password. There could be many reasons for this but regardless of reasons, if you will change password of account then half your work get done and you will restrict hackers access to account. If you are not aware of manual password regeneration process or you are unable to recall your secondary account details...

4 May 2016

For miscellaneous technical issues in Gmail account, just dial Gmail customer support number and seek help. You can consider for availing best resolutions from Gmail customer care so that it would be easier to fix Gmail's failure to launch in Chrome and other browsers. By being in the company of experts, it will be hassle-free to get best possible solutions, so consider that you seek immediate technical help from Gmail technical support.

After you notice that Gmail is not loading in Google Chrome or Firefox, there are many options for persuading the access to the Inbox but unfortunately any permanent solution has not explored yet. Chrome is considered for providing faster speed. If this is so then why Gmail failed to...